Western Hills Garden—
What’s Blooming?

February 2019: The garden is just beginning to wake up. Camellias, Edgeworthias, and Magnolias are the stars (new for February are in bold type):

Abelia, Abutilon, Acacia, Alstroemeria, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (“Porcelain Berry”), Anigozanthos (“Kangaroo Paws”), Anisodontea sp. ‘Strybing Beauty’, Azaleas, Banksia spinulosa var. collina “Golden Candlesticks”, Bergenia, Calandrinia, Caltha palustris (“Marsh Marigolds”), Camellias, Cassia nemophila (“Desert Cassia”), Cestrum, Chaenomeles (“Flowering Quince”), Chasmanthe, Cunonia capensis (“Butterknife Bush”), Cuphea, Dichroa febrifuga, Echium vulgare, Edgeworthia, Eomecon chionantha (“Chinese Snow Poppy”), Erica, Fuchsias (arborescens, boliviana), Geranium (“Cranesbill”), Ginger, Grevillea, Gunnera, Hebes, Helleborus (argutifolius, foetidus, orientalis), Heuchera, Holly, Hydrangeas x seemanii, Kniphofia ‘Christmas Cheer’, Canna Lilies, ‘Hercules’ Lilies, Lobelia, Loropetalum chinense ((“Chinese Fringe Flower”), Luculia, Magnolia, Mahonia, Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii (“Turk’s Cap”), Modiolastrum lateritium (“Trailing Mallow”), Passiflora ‘Coral Sea’, Penstemon, Persicaria, Phymosia umbellata “Mexican Bush Mallow”), Pieris, Plectranthus, Polygala, Pseudocydonia sinensis fruit (“Chinese quince”), Roses, Salvia, Symphoricarpos (“Snowberry”), Symphytum (“Comfrey”), Tagetes erecta (“Mexican Marigold”), Tradescantia, Verbena, Viburnum, and Westringia

Camellias in Bloom

Download a map of the Camellias at Western Hills (2-page, 442K pdf). (Note: a guided camellia walk especially for our members will take place in February 2019.)

Camellia ‘Tama No Ura’ in bloom…
Camellia bloom

Plants are also available for sale—see current favorites.

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