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February 2018

February 2018: The Camellias are almost all out and very prolific. Other plants that are blooming include:

Abutilon, Acacia, Allium, Banksia “Golden Candlesticks”, Biden, Caltha palustris (“Marsh Marigolds”), Chaenomeles (“Flowering Quince”), Chimonanthus luteus praecox (“Chinese New Year Tree”), Choysia, Colletia paradoxa, Correa, Crocus, Cuphea, Daphne, Echium vulgare, Edgeworthia, Erica, Fuchsias, Geranium (“Cranesbill”), Grevillea, Hebes, Hellebores, Justicia rizzinii, Knifophia, Luculia, Ligularia, ‘Hercules’ lilies, Nerine lilies, Loropetalum chinense (“Chinese Fringe Flower”), Magnolia, Mahonia, Omphalodes, Penstemon, Persicaria, Phlomis, Phymosia umbellata (“Mexican Bush Mallow”), early Rhododendrons, Rosemary, Salvias, Sarcococca, Tagetes erecta (“Mexican marigold”), Teucrium, Tibouchina semidecandra (“Princess flower”), Tulips, and Westringia.

Pictured: Three species of camellia.

Frank C Houser camellia  camellia  Camellia sinensis

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