Western Hills Garden—
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May 2017

New arrivals for May 2017: The Chinese Fringe Tree (chionanthus retusus) is in full bloom at the pond. The rhodis and azaleas came early again this year and many are still blooming, including our favorite, Mi Amor. Of particular note is Marshall’s Azalea occidentalis, ascribed to one of the garden’s founders. The Maderense Geraniums are competing with the 7-foot Hercules Lilies. The white wisteria is covering the barn, the Homeria provides a surprise on the upper path, and the red cones of the Spruce are particularly pretty, as are the Japanese Maples.

The garden is blooming: abutilon, angelica, anigozanthos (“kangaroo paws”), aquilegia, azalea, banksia, berberis, bergenia, bidens, billbergia, boronia, brugmansia, buddleia, buttercup, callas, camellias, campanula, cantua, ceanothus, cercis (“redbud”), cestrum, chionanthus retusus (“Chinese fringe tree”), choisya, cistus, clematis, clivia, columbine, callistemon (“pink bottlebrush”), correa, cuphea, cytisus, daffodils, davidia involucrata (“dove tree”), deutzia, dichroa, echium, erica, euphorbia, foxglove, fremontodendron, fuchsia (“Aborense” and others), geraniums (maderense and maculatum), geum, grevillea, hardenbergia, helianthemum, heuchera, homeria, hydrangea, hypericum (“St. John’s Wort”), iris (Pacific and Japanese), justicia rizzinii (“Brazilian fuchsia”), knifophia, lamprocapnos (“bleeding heart”), ‘Hercules’ lilies, leptospermum (“tea tree”), leucadendron, libertia, lilac, linaria, lithodora, lobelia, lonicera trifoliate, loropetalum (“Chinese fringe flower”), lunaria (“money plant”), lupin, magnolias, marsh marigolds, mathiasella, melaleuca, melianthus, nicotiana, omphalodes, osmanthus fragrans, tree peony, phlomis, phygelius (“Cape fuchsia”), pieris, polemonium (“Jacob’s ladder”), poppies, flowering quince, rhododendrons, rhodotypos, rose ‘Lady Banksia’, rosemary, salvia, sarcococca, scilla, seemanii (“climbing hydrangeas”), senecio, silene, symphytum (“comfrey”), teucrium, tiarella, verbena, viburnum, wachendorfia, weigela, westringia, wisteria.

white wisteria at Western Hills Garden
homeria at Western Hills Garden
Marshall's azalea at Western Hills Garden
maple at Western Hills Garden

Clockwise from top left: Marshall’s azalea, white wisteria, homeria, maple

Western Hills Garden, 16250 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental CA 95465