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March 2017

March 2017: The garden is starting to come alive. The Camellias are almost all out and very prolific. Other plants that blooming include: Abutilon, Fuchsias, Grevillea, Hellebores, Knifophia, Hercules Lilies, early Rhodies, Salvia, and Flowering Quince.

Just starting: Acacia, Corylopsis, Daffodils, Leucadendron, Edgeworthia, Forsythia, Magnolias, and Senecio.

Pictured: Edgeworthia Hellebore (above right) and three species of camellia.

Frank C Houser camellia  camellia  Camellia sinensis

Western Hills Garden, 16250 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental CA 95465