Western Hills Garden—
What’s Blooming archive
January–February 2016

giant puya

Newsflash: The Giant Puya is sending up a flower stalk for the first time. For updates, see our Facebook page.

The garden is starting to come alive with the rain and the warming temperatures. Some plants that are blooming include: Abutilon, Camellias, Cestrum elegans, Correa, spectacular Edgeworthias, Grevillea, Hellebores, Knifophia, Hercules Lilies, a few early Rhodies, Salvia, and Flowering Quince.

Pictured: close-up of the Giant Puya (top right), Edgeworthia Hellebore (bottom right), and two varieties of camellia.

Camellia sinensis
camellia edgeworthia

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