Elfin King arbutus photo from Western Hills Garden

Western Hills Garden—
What’s Blooming archive
Winter 2013–2014

The garden in late fall and winter has some surprising treats in store for the careful observer. The following is a list of the interesting blooms and fruits and seeds from around the world:

Photos by Stacie Miller
Above right:
Arbutus Unedo ‘Elfin King’
Below, from left to right: Brugmansia (look for it behind the glass house), Cornus capitata, Pseudocydonia sinensis, Stranvaesia davidiana, Rosa ‘Vavoom’, Heptacodium miconioides (Seventh Son Flower).

Brugmamsia at Western Hills Cornus at Western Hills Pseudocydonia at Western Hills Stranvaesia at Western Hills roses at Western Hills Seventh Son flowers at Western Hills

Western Hills Garden, 16250 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental CA 95465