Western Hills Garden—
What’s Blooming?

Giant Puya chilensis is sending up a flower stalk
for only the second time in 30 years.
puya flower stalk

April 2018: The garden is exploding with Spring. Most rhodies are blooming, acers are showing first leaves, and ferns are sending up tassels. Other plants that are blooming include:

Abelia, Abutilon, Acacia, Ajuga ‘Catlin’s Giant’, Allium, Alstroemeria, Aquilegia, Azaleas, Banksia “Golden Candlesticks”, Berberis, Bergenia, Biden, Buttercup, Caltha palustris (“Marsh Marigolds”), Campanula, Cercis (“Redbud”), Cestrum, Chaenomeles (“Flowering Quince”), Chasmanthe, Cherry, Chiranthodendron pentadactylon (“Monkey’s Hand Tree”), Choisya, Clematis armandii (“Evergreen”), Coleonema, Correa, Corydalis, Corylopsis (“Winter Hazel”), Crocus, Cuphea, Cytisus (“Broom”), Daffodils, Daphne, Echium vulgare, Edgeworthia, Epimedium, Erica, Forsythia, Fuchsias, Geranium (“Cranesbill”), Geranium maderense, Grevillea, Hardenbergia, Hebes, Hellebores, Homeria, Climbing Hydrangea x seemanii, Justicia brandegeeana (“Shrimp plant”), Iris, Justicia rizzinii (“Brazilian Fuschia”), Kerria, Knifophia, Leucojum aestivum (“Summer Snowflake”), Libertia, Ligularia, ‘Hercules’ lilies, Loropetalum chinense (“Chinese Fringe Flower”), Lupin, Lychnis coronaria (“Rose Campion”), Magnolia, Mahonia, Manzanita, Mathiasella, Melianthus major (“Honeybush”), Muscari (“Grape Hyacinth”, Myosotis (“Forget-Me-Nots”), Omphalodes, Osmanthus, Passiflora ((“Passion Flower”), Penstemon, Persicaria, Phlomis, Polygala, Poncirus trifoliata “Flying Dragon”), Poppies, Pseudocydonia, Pulmonaria, Puya chilensis, Rhododendrons, Ribes, Rhodotypos, Roldana petasitis (“Velvet Groundsel”), Rosemary, Salvias, Sarcococca, Stachyurus praecox, Symphytum (“Comfrey”), Tagetes erecta (“Mexican marigold”), Teucrium, Tibouchina semidecandra (“Princess flower”), Tulips, Viburnum, Violets, and Westringia.

New Chiranthodendron pentadactylon
—Monkey’s Hand Tree—is blooming.
monkey's hand blooms

Plants are also available for sale—see current favorites.

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