Western Hills Garden—
What’s Blooming?

June 2017: The summer bloom is a bit late, but the garden is happy from all the rain. The Cornus capitata is the star of the garden. The two “Monkeyhand Trees” are still blooming and the Blue Puya and Coral Tree are just starting. Some very nice Japanese and Louisiana Iris are still out.

The garden is blooming: abutilon, acanthus (“Bear’s Breeches”), alstromeria, anemopsis californica, angelica, anigozanthos (“kangaroo paws”), artemisia, azalea occidentalis, berberis, bergenia, bidens, billbergia, boronia ‘Carousel’, brugmansia, buddleia, calandrinia, callistemon (“pink bottlebrush”), campanula, canna, cantua, cassia fistula, cestrum, cistus, clematis, clivia, correa, cuphea, dahlia, day lilies, deutzia, dichroa, dychia, echium, euphorbia, foxglove, fremontodendron, fuchsia (“Aborense” and others), geraniums (maderense and maculatum), geum, grasses (“Blue Fescue” and others), grevillea, hebe, helianthemum, heuchera, homeria, hydrangea, hypericum (“St. John’s Wort”), Himalayan impatiens, iochroma, knifophia, lamprocapnos (“bleeding heart”), Alexandrian laurel, lavender, leptospermum (“tea tree”), leucospermum, ‘Hercules’ lilies, linaria, lithodora, lobelia, lonicera trifoliate, mathiasella, matilija poppies, mullein, nicotiana, omphalodes, palms, tree peony, phlomis, phormium, phygelius (“Cape fuchsia”), physocarpus (“Ninebark”), pieris, polemonium (“Jacob’s ladder”), plume poppy, poppies, pulmonaria, rhododendrons, rose campion, roses, rosemary, salvia, sarcococca, seemanii (“climbing hydrangeas”), senecio, silene, smoke bush, snapdragon, sweet pea, teucrium, tiarella, transcendentia, verbena, viburnum, wachendorfia, water lilies, watsonia, weigela, westringia.

Photos: Honeybee on Grevillea, Blue Puya, Cornus Capitata Dogwood, Monkey Hand Tree.

Blue Puya at Western Hills Garden
Monkey Hand Tree at Western Hills Garden
honeybee on grevillea at Western Hills Garden
Cornus Capitata at Western Hills Garden

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Western Hills Garden, 16250 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental CA 95465
Open Saturdays 10–4 plus Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment.